The Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodles are best known for their loving, intelligent personalities, non-shedding coats and excellent health record due to the stringent breed standards. When looking to choose a labradoodle puppy it is good to be aware that there are a variety of sizes and colours that they can come in, and that there are also two coat types. Here is an overview of the choices available.

Australian Labradoodle Sizes

The Poodle influence in the breed is reflected in the choice of three sizes in the Australian Labradoodle. A ‘Miniature’ Labradoodle is 35cm to 42cm high at the wither, and weighs from 7kg to 13kg. A ‘Medium’ Labradoodle is 43cm to 52cm high at the wither, and weighs from 13kg to 20kg. A ‘Standard’ Labradoodle is a large dog. It is 53cm to 63cm high at the wither, and weighs from 23kg to 30kg.

Colours of Australian Labradoodle Puppies

There is a great range of really beautiful coat colours in Australian Labradoodle puppies however guaranteeing what colour a litter may have can be very difficult. The most common colours are:
  • Black – solid black throughout the coat from the root to the tip, with black nose.
  • Chocolate – A true chocolate labradoodle puppy is quite rare. They are born almost black in colour and maintain that deep rich colour throughout their lifetime. Nose pigment is rose.
  • Café – More common are the puppies born chocolate who develop a lighter coloured coat over one to three years. Nose colours match their coats (rose).
  • Caramel – Caramel is as it sounds, caramel however colour can range from a rich gold through to a deep. Nose pigment is rose.
  • Gold – Gold can also be referred to as “apricot” and is similar in colour to the inside of a ripe apricot. Black noses.
  • Cream – are a light creamy coat sometimes with apricot/gold tinting. Nose pigment is black or rose.

There are more coat colours than this however these are the most commonly known. To add to the mix there are a variety of colour patterns so check out the ALA website if you are curious.

The Coat Types for an Australian Labradoodle

One of the most well known features of the Australian Labradoodle is its non-shedding hypoallergenic coat. There are two coat types that meet this requirement:
  1. Fleece coats – This is a lovely soft textured, wavy coat which is a bit similar an Angora goat. It is easy to manage if you brush regularly and you can either have a straight wavy coat or a soft spiraling coat.
  2. Wool coats – This is also a lovely soft coat however it is a looser spiraling wool texture, a bit like lamb’s wool.

Green Valley Labradoodles aims to breed miniature to medium-sized dogs with fleece coats. You can expect a variety of colours from our litters, and this depends on the genetics of the parents.

The website for the Australian Labradoodle Association provides more detail if you are interested in learning more about this amazing breed.

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