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You might be aware that the legislation in Queensland requires all puppies to be microchipped by the Breeder. Our Green Valley Labradoodles are microchipped while under anesthetic for their desexing.

Please have a think about who would be a responsible friend or relative to have on this form as your back up contact. In the event that you cannot be contacted the microchip company will contact this person.

You will receive an email from the Australian Animal Registry with your AAR REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE within 2 -4 weeks after the microchipping is done. We recommend you print out the certificate and keep it in a safe place. We also recommend you take the form with you when you take your puppy to see your vet for the first time. It is a good idea to get your vet to scan your puppy, check the chip is working correctly and then keep the microchip details on their records.

Please provide your microchip information by completing the form below. Please also don’t forget that you will most probably need to register your puppy with your local council (check your local regulations).

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