Microchip Form

In Queensland a Breeder is required to microchip all puppies. This form 1) collects your information for the purposes of animal registration and 2) seeks your permission to pass on your details to the AAR and the ALA.

Microchip – Australian Animal Registry (AAR)

Please consider who to nominate as your back up contact eg. a responsible friend or family member. In the event that you cannot be contacted the microchip company will contact this person. I recommend that at your first vet visit you ask your vet to scan your puppy to check the chip is working correctly and to keep the microchip details on their records.

Australian Labradoodle Association (ALA) Registration

Once your puppy is microchipped Green Valley registers them with the ALA. You will also be sent a facebook invitation to join the private ‘Labradoodles of the ALA’ group (which is optional to join but recommended as it has some excellent ‘how to’ content available eg. grooming, training tips). 

Please complete this form. Note that by submitting the form you are also giving me permission to share your information with the AAR and ALA. If you do not wish to do this then please feel free to contact me.  

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Alternate Contact Details

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