New Owners

Congratulations on your new family member!

Words cannot describe the amount of joy puppies and dogs bring in to your lives. I hope this general guide will help make the transition of your new little friend into your family an easy one. It is intended to be a guide only, and if in doubt about anything please consult your vet.

Also included in these notes is information on the following topics:

  • Feeding
  • Veterinary/ husbandry – Vaccination, worming, desexing etc
  • Sleeping arrangements and toilet training
  • Socialization and behavioral training
  • Grooming

I am very interested in how your puppy develops so always feel free to send me photos and give me updates on how things are going. This info helps me plan for future litters. It’s a sad day for me the day they leave but I get a lot of joy from seeing they joy they bring you and your family.

When we hand over the puppy at 8 weeks old you will receive a puppy pack. This contains all the certifications – microchip, pedigree, desexing certificate - a copy of these notes, vaccination schedule and a copy of the Puppy Sale Agreement which contains your Puppy’s two-year Health Guarantee. Please sign and return the Companion Agreement within 14 days if you wish to participate in this agreement.

Regards, Samantha
Green Valley Labradoodles


Cute Labradoodle with Light-Coloured Fleece

Use our Puppy Preparation Checklist to ensure all's ready for the arrival of your puppy.


Puppy Care

Cute Labradoodle with Light-Coloured Fleece

For tips and advice on how to care for your new puppy, please read through our Puppy Care Notes.



Cute Labradoodle with Light-Coloured Fleece

Make sure you include important dates listed in our Vaccination Schedule in your calendar.



Sam With Baby Labradoodle - Wicket

Provide the info that you'd like on your puppy's microchip by filling out the Microchip Form.


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