Puppy Preparation Checklist

Below is a handy to-do list that you can use to prepare for your puppy's arrival. Click on the items that are done to cross them off the list.

I have ...

  • Chosen a vet. Many vets provide client welcome packs, a pack that contains useful information on how to care for your puppy in your local environment. Many vets also offer puppy preschool or can recommend one.
  • Purchased any immediate husbandry items the vet suggests that you will need before puppy’s first visit for 10 week vaccinations eg. Tick treatment
  • Food bowl(s)
  • Water bowl(s)
  • Soft toy(s) and harder teething toys eg rawhides
  • Collar and lead
  • Puppy food. I use Advance Puppy Plus Rehydratable and then move to Advance Puppy Growth (Small Breed) when that packet runs out
  • Chosen where my puppy will sleep
  • A crate and/or dog bed (inside and outside). My dogs have crates that are 70x60x50.
  • Puppy blanket(s) for warmth and comfort
  • Puppy-proofed my house and yard for things that can cause harm – poisonous plants, electrical wires…
  • Baby gates to set up a designated puppy area inside and/or outside (so he/she has a calm, resting place and doesn’t have full run of the house initially)
  • Grooming – a soft brush suitable for fleece coats, comb, scissors for eg trimming hair out of ears and eyes, nail clippers, doggie shampoo and conditioner
  • Toilet training – puppy matts and I highly recommend getting a square of artificial grass to put on top of a puppy mat
  • Agreed the routine and my house rules for the puppy with all my family members. EG. No feeding puppy from the table, puppy eats after morning/ afternoon walk or play …
  • Planned how I want to bring my puppy home and introduce him to his new family and home. TIP: the calmer, the better ☺
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