Puppy Vaccination Schedule

The following are important dates to remember as part of your puppy's care program. Note that timings are from Puppy Date of Birth.


1st Vaccination: Done by Green Valley at 6 weeks

2nd Vaccination: Due at 10 weeks

3rd Vaccination: Due at 14 weeks

Intestinal Worming

Intestinal Worming due at 2,4,6,8 weeks: Done by Green Valley (Milbemax)

Intestinal Worming due at 10 weeks

Intestinal Worming due at 12 weeks

Discuss with your vet an ongoing worming routine. Usually every three months.

Heartworm Prevention

Start heartworm prevention at 12 weeks of age. Discuss with your vet which treatment is appropriate for your puppy as some vets now recommend an all-in-one with intestinal worming.

Fleas and Ticks

Discuss with your vet what is appropriate for the area you live in and the age of the puppy.

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